Hello! I am Yuqi.
A first-year MS student at Georgia Tech, specializing in Human-Computer Interaction.
Personally, I lived and grew up in three Chinese cities and attended my final years of high school in Austin, Texas.
Professionally, I freelanced as a visual and UX/UI designer to tackle problems in different domains worldwide, these have ranged from finance in South Africa, vocational education in China, and biotechnology in the USA. As someone who enjoys working in a multicultural and interdisciplinary environment, I am always eager to grasp more skills and aspire to create impactful products for the world.
A content creator with her heart in the right place.
When I am not working, I run self-media on Chinese platforms to deliver content on youth mental health issues. I am a "Youtuber" on Xiaohongshu and Bilibili, and. a writer on Zhihu (similar to Quora).

I founded an online recovery-based community for teenagers coping with social anxiety, depression, and domestic violence where I hae contributed to saving multiple people from suicide.
While growing up, I saw Mother Teresa as my role model.
I admire her loving and caring approach and her determination to aid people in need. One of her quotes is my motto for life:
“Not all of us can do great things. But we can do small things with great love.”
I design with her words in my heart, I see no issue as too small to solve and no issue as too large to climb. Becoming a UX designer is one of the ways that I am working to achieve the goal of my life. I believe that any work I do in life, no matter how small, can make a big difference.